Baby Bro Onesies

This is a tale of how everything happens for a reason.  Be patient with my story as you will see why I say that.  Let me give you some background:  My daughter has a friend who is having a baby and her baby shower was on Saturday.  The week before that Saturday was very hectic for me between work, classes and getting ready for our trip to Dallas.  We were leaving the Friday before the Saturday on which the shower was being held.  We discussed a diaper cake and had the diapers, but that was about it.  I have everything for girls, but nothing for boys.  Did I mention that her friend is having a boy?

Thursday night my daughter asks – are we going to make the diaper cake tonight?  This is after I’ve worked all day and had just gotten home after my calligraphy class.  Did we have blue ribbon – no.  Did we have teething rings – no.  Did we have rattles, binkies or anything to hang off the cake – NO!  So of course my answer was – no!  She had purchased a stuffed animal, but at that point it wasn’t much help.  She decided she would make the diaper cake herself after she discovered Sherry was also going to be out of town on Friday.  Sherry is my business partner and queen of making diaper cakes.

Fast forward to Friday when I was printing out our boarding passes for our flight to Dallas.  We were flying American instead of Southwest (we ALWAYS fly Southwest) because Southwest didn’t have a direct flight to Dallas from our hometown.  I checked us in for our flight online the day before.  We were just about ready to leave the house when I pulled the boarding passes off the printer.  It was about 10:00am.  Our flight was scheduled for 12:30pm or so I thought.  I look at the boarding passes and it says boarding time 10:06am.  Oh CRAP!  Long story short – they had changed our flight time back on April 24th.  Yep – 3 months ago.  I found the email.  I remember seeing the email and reading it, but it did not register that the flight time had changed.  Southwest has NEVER changed the time of the flight that I booked.  Lesson learned.  I called American Airlines and groveled a bit.  The nice lady on the phone booked us on a later flight – 8:04pm.  Now I had 8 hours that I didn’t have before.

Don’t worry – I am eventually going to get why I believe everything happens for a reason.  I had 8 hours to do what ever I wanted.  How often does that happen?  I had taken the day off work.  Of course I hadn’t gotten everything done that I had on my to do list so I set out to do just that.  Back to the shower gift – now I had time to make the diaper cake except that is Sherry’s thing, not mine.  My daughter had also mentioned that her friend wanted a onesie that said Baby Bro.  His name is going to be Brogan (I guess that is how you spell it).  Anyhoo – I can do HTV, but I had no onesies.  Off to Wal-mart I went.  Did I consider going to Craft Inn to hang out all day and chat with Diane?  I did.  But then I thought about all the things on my to do list that I had been given a chance to complete and decided to work on my to do list instead.  Yes, this is pertinent to my story.

Off to Wal-mart I went to buy onesies for the baby shower project.  I looked at getting more fabric bins for my cube shelving, but resisted.  Found some cute onesies in a set of three with a boy theme as far as color.  Didn’t really look at the HTV in my stash, but I figured I could use white and may not put vinyl on all three onesies.  Found some shoes for my granddaughter. Checked out and went back to my car.  Gas was inexpensive so I went to the gas station as I had less than a quarter of a tank and I still needed to get home and then to the airport.   Opened my wallet again to pull out my card, swiped my card and started gas pumping.  When I went to put the card back in my wallet I did a scan of the slots where cards live.  Do you that?  Do a quick check of the card slots?  And guess what?  One of the slots was empty.  The slot that holds my driver’s license was empty.  It dawned on me that I had removed my driver’s license and put it in my back pocket when I went to pick up my Granddaughter from daycare a couple days earlier.

Now if we had gone to the airport, I wouldn’t have had my driver’s license to show security.  Since then I found out that if you have a check and a credit card you could probably fly, but what a hassle.  So if I hadn’t ignored the flight time and if we had gone to the airport on time, I would have never noticed I was missing my license.  If you’re a fast reader you may have appreciated this story.  It made me feel better.  🙂  And I went through that entire build up to show you the onesies that were a result of the extra time I was blessed on that fateful Friday.

Baby Bro Onesies

Baby Bro – Blue Jean Navy

Baby Bro Onesies

Baby Bro Trio

Baby Bro Onesies

Baby Bro Gift Bag

Baby Bro Onesies Recipe

Go to Wal-mart and get some onesies.  I ended up with some by Carters in colors other than white.  The pattern was small enough on two of them that I was able to add Heat Transfer vinyl to the shirts without the words being lost.  Once I got home from Wal-mart I went through my HTV drawer and found scraps in white, lime and light blue.  They matched perfectly.  Using my Cricut Explore Air™ 2 machine (affiliate link – no extra cost for you – a little money for me), I designed the wording for this shirt and cut out my heat transfer vinyl.  Easy peesy.  I used my heat press to apply the HTV at 310 degrees for 15 seconds.  You can also use your iron if you do not have a heat press.  Siser Easyweed Vinyl is the brand of HTV I used.

Oh and did I mention my daughter slept through the baby shower?  Yep.  And that pretty much sums up the story of my life.  LOL

Thanks for stopping by the blog today.  Tune in next time for another paper crafting project.  Have a great day and enjoy the journey and some chocolate.


Luke 9:  3  He told them: “Take nothing for the journey—no staff, no bag, no bread, no money, no extra shirt.


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